REACH Homes- The Best Possible Accommodation for the Least Money

REACH Homes held an Affordable Homes conference on 15th March which showcased a number of key speakers including Shadow Housing Minister John Healey, providing a unique insight into the possibility of expanding a project of sustainable housing, changing the market as we know it. A taste of things to come was witnessed in the event’s programme entitled ‘An Instruction Manual for Fixing the Broken Housing Market.’
Jon Johnson, founder of REACH Homes, is planning to build 12 new houses using shipping containers on a pilot site in Sheffield.
REACH uses a high percentage of recycled and reclaimed materials as part of their efforts to tackle the problem of millions of tons of waste being landfilled each year. Not only is this highly damaging to the environment, but the costs are passed on to buyers through higher prices. Re-using materials helps to cut costs, while also generating jobs.
Jon is very much focussed on providing homes that are affordable, yet high quality. REACH help to keep costs low by minimising the fuel bills and using the natural light of the sun to provide most of the power for the homes they create.
Jon experienced great success at the Sheffield Business Awards in November 2017. He came away with the Innovative Business Award and the Business of the Year Award for 2017.
The recent conference was the first event of which Jon hopes will become an annual conference.

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